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Aussie I.T.
Expert Digital Marketing, Social Media and Website Development services for your business!
Who we are?
Who we are

With 25 Years experience we are a full service digital marketing agency serving clients throughout Australia. We assist businesses to achieve individual success through digital marketing.

What we do?
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Web Development
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App Development
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Multimedia Production
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Graphic Design & Branding
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Too busy to organise the text and photos for your website or social media? No problems. We can produce it for you!



content marketing copy writing

You need to have some text content to explain what it is you offer and effectively market your business - but many business owners are too busy to sit down and write this.

It can be quite daunting and unfortunately many business owners put it off forever so they never get to benefit from a professional web and social media presence.

We are here to do it for you by;

  • Discussing your aims and objectives
  • Understanding your other marketing channels
  • Chatting with your key staff
  • Reviewing your competitors
  • Researching your clients needs

From there we create the content marketing text to be used in your website and social media posts.

You simply review what we have created and make any changes and we are up and running!

Content Marketing. We make it easy for you!


Marketing Photography

A picture tells a thousand words and we can take those marketing quality images for you to tell your story.

From locations, to products, solutions, services and the people that bring them to life we can capture them or enhance the photos you already have to create marketing quality images.

Add them to your website and share them on social media.

Marketing Quality Photos make all the difference


Video Production Albury Wodonga

Why video? It is simply the best way to display or explain what you do or offer.

  • Keep your video simple
  • From a short video showing how something works
  • Through to a full blown corporate video production highlighting all your capabilities
  • There is no better way to show your potential clients what you do or the benefits they could enjoy
  • Don't over think it. You don't need a $20,000 video to start with!
  • Just share what it is that you do and move forwards from there

Viewers love video and Google owns YouTube so if you want better rankings even a short video is going to be a huge boost if you share it on your Youtube channel.

Video Content Marketing done for you.


E-Books Albury Wodonga

Share your industry knowledge or answer all those repeated questions;

  • Create an email list
  • Distribute a newsletter
  • Produce an e-book
  • Share a quick video

This is valuable information that people are searching for and we are here to help you produce and distribute it.


These explainer videos are fantastic at delivering a clear and concise message or instruction. It may be explaining your business mission and goals or giving instructions on how to use or maintain your product this is a sensational way to clearly convey your message.


     “…Thanks Peter, I have been on it already this morning. Looks great….”     “…New website looks great...have seen a definite increase in product enquiries …. think the new website has something to do with that…”     “…Thanks mate, looks great... the instructions seem very clear and concise.... a joy to use...."     “…That is great!!! Thank you Peter… easy to use system and so good that they can buy for two and three passengers… well done... ready to go live??...”     “…it all looks great. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done with this shop…”     “…Thanks very much mate….Legend!...”     “…Hi Peter, Thanks. I think our website is looking great including the changes you have just made… lots of new enquiries mentioning they found us on the web...”

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