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We build brands and digital experiences for your business!
Who we are?
Who we are

We are a digital creative agency based in Albury Wodonga. We assist businesses to achieve ultimate performance through digital marketing.

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Graphic Design & Branding
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Albury Wodonga businesses need to do 8 things to ensure success at this time.

During Covid-19 with many businesses forced to close and thousands of people "staying at home", (and therefore "buying from home"), there are 8 critical things that business owners need to do immediately;

1. Reach Out

Reach out to your customer base asking them how they are going and thanking them for their ongoing loyalty and support.

2. Send Emails

Use an email sending program such as "Mailchimp", (which is free), to let your clients know about your revised business hours and social distancing arrangements. Using an email sending program such as this keeps their details confidential rather than just sending out a blanket email to all your clients

3. On-line Ordering

Offer on-line or telephone ordering and contact-less payment options together with either "Click and Collect" or "Free Delivery" where practical

4. Simple Video

Provide "Virtual Tours" of your shop and products on your website so they can still experience visiting your premises and having a look around. A short video displayed on your website and shared on your social media gives you a chance to simply have a chat to them as you show them around just as you would in pre Covid-19 times

5. Google My Business Listing

Create or manage your "Google My Business" listing - these are free Google listings that you can manage yourself - any queries give us a call and we will help you with it

6. Google Analytics

It is important to install "Google Analytics" to your website so that you can easily understand why a visitor came to your website and which pages they visited. Use this critical information to understand buyer behaviour and what they are interested in so that you can respond to their needs

7. Search Ranking

Conduct a SERP Analysis - more details here - to understand your Google Search Engine Rankings Position compared to your competitors. Look at your Competitors Websites and Social Media listings to complete an objective "Competitor Analysis"

8. Get Up To Date

Finally make changes to your website and social media listings to become the leader under your desired search terms! Keep your content fresh and new to continue to engage with your current and prospective clients

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