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With 25 Years experience we are a full service digital marketing agency serving clients throughout Australia. We assist businesses to achieve individual success through digital marketing.

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Website Development and Google Search Position Albury Wodonga

During these COVID-19 times we are busy helping Albury Wodonga businesses either get their first website or improve their Google Search Position and online sales.

Many businesses, (not only in Albury Wodonga), are mislead about what is involved in having a successful website and digital marketing presence for their business.

What is your Google Search Ranking?


Let's look at a couple of Albury Wodonga businesses that have had unfortunate experiences with Google search results from their website development;

    • Firstly an Albury Wodonga business that had their website developed by a well known national marketing chain. This small Albury Wodonga business is in the solar energy business and they are very keen to succeed having a physical shop in the Wodonga, a website (of sorts), plus radio advertising. However if you simply Google search for say "solar energy albury wodonga" or "solar panels albury wodonga" they do not appear in the top ten pages of Google listings. 


  • Secondly an Albury business that has used a budget "on-line" website building app to develop their website. They are currently spending thousands of dollars advertising on both TV and radio which is just as well as their website does not rank on google when you search for their main products - say "car parts albury". Yet alone the wider region that they also service.

Both of these businesses spend thousands of dollars on prime real estate rental, have sign written vehicles and run TV or Radio advertising yet they don't succeed on-line!

Throughought Australia and certainly in Albury Wodonga many people are increasingly making their shopping and purchase decisions on-line - this is a critical time to get it right.


How do I check if my business is ranking properly on Google?

  • If you sell "yellow widgets", (or whatever your the key items are that you sell or services that you provide), in Albury Wodonga simply Google search for "Yellow Widgets Albury Wodonga"
  • Are you on the first page of the search results? If you are not on the first page you will not succeed on-line.
  • Is your listing appearing above your competitors? You need to be appearing above them.
  • If you sell your products or services to a wider area you will need to Google search for those place names as well. Such as "Yellow Widgets Benalla" or "Yellow Widgets Griffith"


We have been developing websites and digital marketing systems for Albury Wodonga businesses for almost twenty years and right now we can help you get your business selling on-line successfully.

Importantly we have done this for many businesses that we have never met face to face. So in this current environment of "social distancing" we are well experienced at working remotely to achieve great outcomes for your on-line success.

For website development and on-line marketing success in Albury Wodonga give us a call today for a realistic review of your website and digital marketing presence.

You could be selling on-line tommorrow!

Stay tuned for further articles regarding both short and long term digital strategies for your business during and after COVID-19


     “…Thanks Peter, I have been on it already this morning. Looks great….”     “…New website looks great...have seen a definite increase in product enquiries …. think the new website has something to do with that…”     “…Thanks mate, looks great... the instructions seem very clear and concise.... a joy to use...."     “…That is great!!! Thank you Peter… easy to use system and so good that they can buy for two and three passengers… well done... ready to go live??...”     “…it all looks great. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done with this shop…”     “…Thanks very much mate….Legend!...”     “…Hi Peter, Thanks. I think our website is looking great including the changes you have just made… lots of new enquiries mentioning they found us on the web...”

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