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Who we are

We are a digital creative agency based in Albury Wodonga. We assist businesses to achieve ultimate performance through digital marketing.

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Not-for-profit organisations have quite unique marketing requirements compared to more conventional commercial businesses as they actually have two distinct targets for their marketing message;

  • Their clients – the people they are trying to assist
  • Their funders or partners

The marketing message content and delivery style will being completely different for each.

Let’s say the Non-Profit or Charity organisation has a mission to assist disabled people. Their clients therefore are the disabled people themselves and their family and carers. So the marketing will be aimed at them using the most appropriate channels of communication possibly including websites and social media combined with printed brochures distributed to related medical providers for referral. The message would simply be to explain the range of ways that they can assist disabled people.

The second target market for this Non Profit organisation is their funding sources, either their current funding sources or more importantly future funding sources or partners. Their website is the best place to communicate their achievements to date, possibly case studies showing the difference they have made to peoples’ lives. Also to articulate their vision for the future such that funders, Government or Philanthropic, will want to come on board and help out and to attract more support and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and donors. Use social media and free Google Adwords Advertising, (if your Non Profit organisation is eligible), to drive visitors to your website.

Target Market  > Message  > Delivery style and channels

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